Sports Social Media Predictions for 2011

2010 has been a great year for sports and social media. More and more athletes, teams and brands have started utilizing social media tools and platforms to engage fans. The question is no longer “why should we care?” but “how should we do this?”

It is my pleasure to present the ebook, Sports and Social Media Predictions for 2011, which features 17 smart people and thought-leaders who have graciously shared their opinions, thoughts and predictions for sports and social media in 2011.

Feel free to download this, read it, blog about it, and share with your friends and coworkers. I hope you find it interesting. Apologies if the links to share this on Twitter don't work...had a lot of trouble with that for some reason.

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*Note: I screwed up and forgot to include Joe Favorito's prediction in the ebook. Here are his thoughts. Sorry, Joe. :(

I think that you will see more team and brands integrating social media practices into their marketing plans so long as it does not increase budget and there is a more direct return on any investment. Teams have tried and abandoned a great deal of programs in 201 and now they are treating social media as much more of a tangible asset and less of a curiosity. Traditional media still is essential but an effective social media plan is a growing compliment and makes good sense. I think we will also continue to see a weeding out of self proclaimed "experts" and a bigger migration to those with a wide background who show that they can bring consistent and effective results.

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